Computer science Technical service

Our company offers a complete professional technical service of computer science. We are specialistic in repair of computer science equipment. We offer a service of seriousness, rapidity and effectiveness from 1995.

 Among the many services that loans can here see most outstanding:

  • Repair of Hardware of portable desktop computers and.
  • Extension of portable desktop computers and (to add ram memory, greater hard disk€¦)
  • Repair of software bugs of computers under surroundings Windows.
  • Change of screens in laptops. Screens with guarantee of 1 year.
  • Reballing of portable (repair of portable that until recently shelp that they did not have repair). *


* one is to remove to the motherboard from laptops that did not start, and by means of the application heat with a specific machine, to desoldar the Chips of the plate, to put new tin, and to return to weld the Chips. In 80% of the cases, the portable one is completely operative, and the guarantee is of 6 months. It is the alternative to buy portable a new one, and is much more economic, apart from which it does not imply any change in the Operating system nor the data that we have in the hard disk.