Venta de Equipos and Accesorios

In our store he will be able to buy all class of computer science equipment, Portable, and Printing Tablets, Desktop computers as well as, accessory for computers, Smartphones, software, and all that with computer science.


This it is a small example than he will be able to buy in our store:

  • Computers (name brand and mounted to size according to the needs of the client)
  • Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets.
  • Consumable printers and (original as compatible €“ as much red and toner) In red and original toner, we have ample experience and very good prices.
  • Accessories (UPS, keyboards, mice, earpieces, loudspeakers, hard disk usb€¦)
  • Software (Operating systems, Anti-virus, Software of SimplyGest management)